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  3. The city’s very own farm

Take a breather from city life amongst horses, newborn goat kids and other charming farm animals. 

Voll farm is Voll Studentby’s nearest neighbour. The farm has horses, pigs, rabbits, chickens, sheep and cows. It is both a visitors’ farm and a centre of expertise for urban farming. Anyone who wants to learn about how to grow vegetables and other plants is welcome to enrol on one of their courses or ask for advice on how to get started.

All Voll residents are welcome to volunteer at the farm, working with the animals, getting involved in children and youth programmes, digging in the vegetable garden or trying their hand at other farm work. Voll farm is part of the Norwegian 4H network and runs its own 4H club. The farm also hosts Strinda Frivilligsentral, Moholt bo- og aktivitetstilbud, Voll gårdsbarnehage and IQL-tech.

Contact the farm on (+47) 979 39 118 to find out more about volunteering.



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