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It is perfectly safe to apply

for housing at Voll Studentby

As the situation is now, is it really safe to apply for student housing in Trondheim? What if the campus closes down? Is there a risk of infection in the blocks? And what about the rent?

Our message is that you can safely apply for and sign a contract at Voll Studentby, even if you don´t quite know what the autumn will be like.


  1. If you don´t get acceptance to NTNU or similar higher education in Trondheim, we can terminate the contract after one month rent. Make sure to notify us before August 1st. This applies to both binding contract and Flexi contract.
  2. You can get a terminable contract. We offer Flexi contract with three month notice for those who are in doubt whether to stay for a whole year. In this way you don´t have to commit for a whole year and can move out whenever you want. NB: The rent is 15 % higher on a terminable contract, but you can change to a binding contract at any time and get a lower rent.
  3. If the campus is completely closed due to corona measures, we give a 40 % reduction in rent. You must document that the campus does not offer on-campus classes due to infection control measures, and you cannot use the residence as long as you make use of this offer.
  4. We have implemented many measures to reduce infection, including extra cleaning of door handles and other high-touch surfaces, rigorous procedures i.e. caretaker services and we have facilitated good hand hygiene.

Therefore we can safely welcome you to Voll Studentby.