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Win up to three months’ free rent:

Renew your tenancy agreement by 31 March and win up to three months’ free rent


If you’ve lived with us for a while, you will agree that you know what you get in Voll Studentby. You never have to clear snow or worry about clogged drains. You can spend your time studying – at home or in the study hall. Or you can have a chat with your neighbor over dinner. If you are already considering renewing your tenancy agreement, we are offering you a chance to join the draw for up to three months’ free rent (for the months August, September and October), and other prizes.


To take part, you must sign a new binding tenancy agreement for the 2021-22 academic year by 31 March.


Do as follows: 

  • ·      Log in to "My page". 
  • ·      There you will be asked the question "Renew your contract?" click "Yes I want to apply". 
  • ·      Once you have applied, we will send you a new tenancy agreement for signing.
  • ·      It is non-binding to apply, but to participate in the draw, you must sign a new binding tenancy agreement by 31 March.
  • ·      If you have not decided yet, you can wait until 1 June before signing. In this case, you will not participate in the draw.


If you currently have a terminable tenancy agreement, a separate application must be submitted via “My page” for a binding agreement for the academic year 21/22. Remember to check the box that you are already a tenant at Voll Studentby at the bottom of the application form.



3 months’ free rent. 1 winner

2 months’ free rent. 1 winner

1 month’s free rent. 1 winner


We will also draw 5 winners who will get gift vouchers as a pleasant surprise.