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Practical info

Practical information for tenants at Frost Eiendom

This page contains practical information about Voll Studentby. Use the menu to find what you're looking for.

Have we left something out? Let us know by emailing voll@frost.no

Opening hours Voll Studentby 

Mondag 08.30 - 14.00
Thursday 08.30 - 14.00

f you need to speak to the manager in person outside the opening hours, it’s a good idea to make an appointment in advance. You can book an appointment by emailing voll@frost.no.


IMPORTANT!! You can’t pay your deposit through your user at www.frost.no (or the app "Frost Bolig") if you have been given an accommodation without a spesific room number. Instead, please use the giro / invoice on the last page of your tenancy agreement to make an online transfer. 


About our lease:

Our rental agreements are made in accordance with the The Tenancy Act §11-2 Pupil and Student Housing. This gives the tenant fewer rights than when renting another home.

The landlord can have a joint account for the deposit and the rent from the deposit account goes to the landlord.

We offer to contract types:

1. Fixed-term lease with a 3-month notice period at a 15% higher price throughout the contract period. The contract runs until 31.7 every year, but you can terminate the contract with 3 months' notice. This is a contract that has a 15% higher price. You then pay for greater flexibility.

2. Fixed-term lease without notice period. Voll Studentby has leases of 12 months up to 31.7 each year.

1st-year student from autumn 2021?

If you are an upcoming 1st year student and are hoping for a study place from the autumn, you can already now sign a lease at Voll Studentby for the school year 2021/22.

Should you be so unlucky that you do not enter the school, the following guidelines apply:

1. Before 1 August, written notice must be given by email to voll@frost.no stating that you want to be released from the lease. Proof may be required that you do not have a study place in Trondheim.

2. We guarantee that the lease is terminated within 1 month if you meet the deadline for notice before 1 August. When your lease has been terminated, you will be notified of this in writing from Voll Studentby.

3. This does not mean that you have to pay for 1 month anyway, but that you have to reckon with this being the outcome. Since there is a tenant's market in Trondheim now, there is unfortunately a high probability that you will have to pay rent for all 1 months.

4. If your request comes after 01.08, you can not expect to have the lease terminated unfortunately. We will try to find a new tenant, and wind up in all cases, but from experience we are not able to help everyone.

NB! Requests for liquidation MUST be notified in writing before 1 August in order to take advantage of the guarantee!

Appendix to the tenancy agreement: click here to download the house rules.
Read carefully - this is your responsibility

After 11 pm on weekdays it shall be quiet, for weekends and public holidays the rule is 12 am. Do you experience noise / party noise after these times? See point below

If you experience unauthorized access to Voll student village or need assistance from security guards, you can call our 24-hour security guard service Securitas by phone; 90 09 93 85

If you as a tenant at Voll Studentby have lost or misplaced keys and need help locking outside the caretaker's working hours (Monday-Friday 07: 30-15: 30)? Then Securitas can help with this. Contact Securitas directly on telephone 22 97 10 77

This costs NOK 970 and is invoiced to the tenant.


You can collect your keys from one of the key boxes outside the administration office. The office is located in the blue building in the middle of the student village (Vegamot 1). If you’re unable to collect your keys at these times, please contact the administration office in Voll Studentby no later than 3 working days before arrival to make alternative arrangements (email: voll@frost.no).

Opening hours Voll Studentby

Mondag 08.30 - 14.00
Thursday 08.30 - 14.00

If you need to speak to the manager in person outside the opening hours, it’s a good idea to make an appointment in advance. You can book an appointment by emailing voll@frost.no.

Moving in outside opening hours?

If you arrive outside our opening hours, please send us an e-mail 3 working days before arrival. We will be able to leave your keys in a deposit box outside the administration before your arrival. 

Did you not see this message in time? Call us and ask for the keys to be placed in the keys box. 


If you are going to pay your deposit from a bank outside Norway, you would need the following information:

Name of Bank: Danske Bank
Receiver of payment: Frost Eiendom AS
Address of bank: Søndre Gate 15, 7466 Trondheim, Norway

Swift: DABANO22
Iban: NO59 8601 08 02824

Remember to mark the payment with your name. The deposit does not have a deadline, as long as it is paid before you move in. Please send the receipt for the payment by email before you come to collect the key. 

Cleaning of common areas

Every year we have cleaners who wash down all shared kitchens when moving in in August. This will be done in early August, and it is not certain that they have just taken your kitchen before you have time to move in. These are in continuous use, so it is unfortunately not possible to keep them clean throughout the move-in period either. Our best advice is to start a good collaboration on cleaning as soon as you have moved in.

Parking while moving in:

You may park by the entrance while unloading your possessions provided you have paid for parking, but you must move the vehicle to the car park as soon as you've finished unloading. The site is monitored by Trondheim parkering, and you’ll find a ticket machine by the entrance to the car park, or you can easily pay by their app "smart park". 

You must provide the following items yourself:

Bed (we recommend 90 x 200 cm, although there is room for a 120 x 200 cm bed. Voll Studentby has an agreement with furniture chain Bohus, see below)

Desk and chair (does not apply to tenants in 4, 8 and 14-person units)

Duvet, pillow and bed linen (If you want to rent this, contact us at voll@frost.no)


Curtains. Window sizes are provided below (some flats have Venetian blinds or roller blinds left behind by the previous tenants)

Crockery and utensils (does not apply to tenants in 14-person units)

Pots and pans (does not apply to tenants in 14-person units)

Other kitchen equipment you may require 

Ironing board and iron if required


We provide:


Under-bed drawer (in 2 and 7-person units)

Shower curtain

Vacuum cleaner


Internal window measurements:

Blocks A–L: 120 x 114 cm

Blocks M–T: 144 x 114 cm

Blocks W–X: come with fitted roller blinds

NB! When collecting your keys you must produce proof of your study place (receipt from the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service or similar) as well as your deposit receipt. We are unable to let you move in without seeing these documents.

Deals on beds

Voll Studentby has a purchasing agreement with furniture chain Bohus Bo Møbler. Tenants can take advantage of the agreement when buying a bed. Please visit the Bohus website for contact details for their Trondheim store: www.bohus.no. 

Voll tenants get a 20% discount, and you can arrange to have your bed delivered before you move in. You must give your full and correct address at Voll as the delivery address. If you have not yet been given a room number, please let us know so we can give you one before you order. 

Bohus will be running a promotion on divan beds before the start of the academic year.

Your address in Voll Studentby

(Your name)

Vegamot 1, (your block letter and room number)

7049 Trondheim

You will of course get your very own letterbox with your name on it in Voll Studentby.



The following applies to anyone moving out: 


Remember to let us know which date you’re moving out! You can do so by logging into “My Page” in the app (Frost Bolig) or from the home page of our website: select “Contracts” from the menu on the left. Then click “Termination” and provide the information we ask for. 

You will be given information about cleaning as well as cleaning-kit (bathroom) if you visit the administration

90 days before the end of your tenancy agreement you will receive a checklist for your own use in My Page. Use the checklist when cleaning and moving out. The list is identical to that used by the caretaker when inspecting the flat after you've moved out. Also remember to report any damage or faults that have occurred during your tenancy, be it wear and tear (which is our responsibility) or damage that you must pay for yourself. 


Before you move out you’ll receive a pack containing the following:

1 scouring pad

1 microfibre cloth

2 different cleaning detergents (for the bathroom)

Information about how to use your “wash pack” (pdf-doc)

On moving-out day: drop by the admin office and ask for an inspection of your flat as soon as it’s ready so that we can send in the caretaker (before 2 pm). This will allow you to rectify any shortcomings with the clean-out.


Inspected of accommodation before 2 pm on the day you move out (workdays)

We would like all tenants to clean their accommodations well before the inspection. If the cleaning is not approved, it is important to make time for extra cleaning before our stuff goes off work for the day. Because of that, we would like all tenants to ask for inspection before 2 pm the day you move out. 
There is no need for booking inspection before you are ready. When you are finished cleaning, please come by the administration or call us at +47 73 94 97 80 and ask for inspection. We will send someone to your room as soon as possible. To be able to give a quick feedback about the cleaning, please make sure to be available for our stuff when we carry out the inspection. 

Covid-19: Due to infection control in connection to covid-19 we will have to ask tenants to wait in the common area in the same floor as your accommodation when conducting the inspection. As an alternative you can also wait outside the building. Just make sure we can find you after the inspection. 


Moving out without an inspection?

We will make a deduction from your deposit if you move out before the caretaker has been able to carry out an inspection and there is damage to the flat or the cleaning is inadequate. The cost of rectification is NOK 500 an hour (or part thereof). If the standard of cleaning is particularly poor, a cleaning company will be hired to do the job at a fixed rate. As at 01.01.2018 the cost starts at NOK 1,750 per flat.


Booking professional cleaners 

You can book professional cleaners to clean your flat. Go to My Page (www.frost.no). Click the envelope at the top of the page and submit a request. Under “Category” select “End-of-tenancy cleaning”. Please state when you expect to have vacated the property. The cleaning company will carry out all cleaning inside the flat. The studio/flat must be empty. 

We consider you to have vacated the property once you have emptied the flat and returned the keys. We will then prepare the flat for the new tenants, and you will not be able to retrieve the keys and sublet the property from this point onwards. 



Not quite ready for taking the move-out cleaning with all its responsability?

You don´t have to be! Book move-out cleaning through us and enjoy!

You can book it at My Page, and remember to place your booking before July 1st to get the campaign price!

How to order:

Send an inquiry from My Page - Menu (tre lines in the top left corner) - Inquiry.
Chose category Move-Out cleaning.

Remember to register your moving out data by terminating the lease as well.


• Single room, 1 500 NOK 

• Doublet, kr. 1 500 NOK,  Additional 495 NOK for the kitchen. 

• Apartment, 25 m2, 1 995 NOK 

• Apartment, 30-34 m2, 1 995 NOK  

All personal belongings must be removed

If any belongings are left behing, NOK 500 pr. hour will be charged for removal. In addition, there may be costs for the disposal of larger belongings (bed, wardrobe etc.).


Electricity usage is calculated once a year at the ordinary end of the tenancy (every summer).

The differential between estimated and actual consumption will be either billed or credited after the annual evaluation.

Your consumption can vary from year to year depending on usage patterns, weather, temperatures and prevailing electricity prices.

Each flat is charged its percentage share of the floor space in the block.

There are many ways in which tenants can reduce their energy consumption (and costs), and we encourage everyone to read up on how to make energy savings.

Voll Studentby is keen to reduce energy use and continues to seek new and better energy saving measures.


 All tenants living in 7, 8 and 14-person flat-shares are part of a rota system for cleaning the communal areas. 

The admin office has drawn up rotas to share out the work between the tenants. It’s important that the work is carried out in the interest of hygiene and the residents’ well-being. 

The cleaning is inspected on Mondays but may be checked any day of the week if necessary! A report will be filed if the standard of the cleaning is inadequate. If we feel it is necessary to monitor the cleaning more closely, we will carry out another check the following day. If the cleaning is still unsatisfactory, a cleaning company will be called in to do the job at the tenant’s expense. It’s crucial, therefore, that the tenant responsible contacts admin or the caretaker if there is anything unclear about the feedback form. 

The lists must be signed by the tenant after the work has been completed. We have had instances of poor kitchen cleaning in the past, and we hope to prevent it from happening again by issuing even clearer cleaning guidelines. 

NB! Who has a weekly responsibility for washing will ensure that it is done, but it is everyone's responsibility to wash up after themselves, regardless of whether you yourself do not have a responsibility week.

A lack of cleaning will be considered a breach of the contract with Frost Eiendom AS, Voll Studentby and may result in the contract being terminated or renewal being refused. 


Appendix to the tenancy agreement: click here to download the house rules.


Voll Studentby has two waste disposal stations.

Blocks A–T should use the containers next to the vet’s surgery.
Blocks W–X should use the containers outside X.


Waste sorting

All waste must be sorted according to the instructions to prevent the general waste container from filling up before collection day.


Waste containers in Voll Studentby:

Red box in the sports storage: light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, batteries, small electronic appliances

Paper container: cardboard and paper

Plastic container: plastic packaging, crisp packets and polystyrene

General waste container: all other waste

Glass and metal container: in the car park next to the vet’s surgery


External recycling stations:

Electronic waste: Any shop selling electronics. E.g. IKEA Leangen, LEFDAL Tiller.

The caretaker may also be able to assist with electronic waste.


All tenants at Voll Studentby can report damages and deficiencies from "My page" - Menu - Inquiries.

We recommend that you download the app Frost Bolig. This will make it easier to manage and monitor cases. The error message can then be seen by the resident, administration and caretaker. It is also possible to post comments afterwards on an error message.

As a tenant or applicant, you can also report errors and omissions here.


Fire safety is a key priority for Frost Eiendom AS. Some of the buildings were built in the period 1997–2000 and some in 2015. The method of construction differs from building to building.


Blocks A–T

In these blocks there are fire hoses in the corridors on every floor. The hoses are new (replaced in the last two years) and are ideal for fighting a fire as they never run out of water. 

The blocks are divided into fire compartments which prevent fire from spreading. 

A new fire alarm system was installed throughout Blocks A-T in 2017-18. The system connects directly to Securitas. There are reset panels on every floor and in the 2-person units. Instructions on how to use the panels can be found next to the reset switch, or here. 

The mains-operated fire alarm call points connect to the fire alarm panel. They do not require batteries. 

Read the fire instructions for Blocks A–T 


Blocks W-X

These buildings have sprinkled fire extinguishing systems. 

The blocks are divided into fire compartments which prevent fire from spreading. 

If an alarm goes off and no tenant turns it off within a short time, the alarm will go directly to the fire department. If ther is a fals alarm, the cost of the fee from the fire department will be sent to the tenant causing the alarm. 

There are reset panels in every apartment. Instructions on how to use the panels can be found next to the reset switch, or here.

The mains-operated fire alarm call points connect to the fire alarm panel. They do not require batteries. 

 Read the fire instructions for Blocks W-X.

Login happening here:


Our Miele launderette can be monitored in real time online. 

You can see how many machines are currently in use and top up your launderette account electronically. 


Log in here:


We also recommend that you take a look at the user guide.


Using the launderette:

The washing machines are connected directly to detergent dispensers so that you don't need to bring your own detergent/fabric softener. If you suffer from a soap allergy, please contact the admin office to make special arrangements. The cost of detergent is included in the price of the laundry run, as is tumble-drying. Our tumble dryers are of a very high standard (Miele) and are suitable for all fabrics, including wool. Drying laundry in the corridors is not permitted as it blocks escape routes in the event of a fire etc.


Wash incl. detergent + tumble dry NOK 20

Wash excl. detergent + tumble dry NOK 18


Laundry tokens:

You need a token in order to use the launderette.

All tenants will be issued with a laundry token when moving in. You will receive your username and password for logging into your Miele account in the welcome email when moving in. To get started, log into your laundry account by clicking on the red button on top of the page. Add the desired amount to your account. 


Lost tokens:

If you lose your laundry token, you will be charged NOK 150 (see price list attached to your tenancy agreement). 

You can collect a replacement token from the admin office or ask for it to be placed in your letterbox. Simply email us (voll@frost.no) or call (+47 73949780). Your invoice will appear in My Page under “Finance”. We will also email you a copy. 


Lost username or password:

If you have lost or forgotten your username or password, you can request a new one to be sent to you by email.

You don't have to show us your laundry token. 

Simply drop us an email (voll@frost.no) or call us (+47 73949780), and we’ll resend your login information.


Get in touch if you have any questions about the launderette.


Residents in Voll Studentby can report faults and repair issues in My Page. We recommend that you download the app Frost Bolig. Raising a repair ticket in the app makes it easier to manage and keep track of the case. Your repair ticket can be seen by you, the admin office and the caretaker. You can also add comments to an existing ticket at any time. 

Tenants and applicants can also report faults and repair issues here.





Voll Studentby has a car park with room for 33 cars. The car park is monitored by Trondheim parking. Pay for parking at the parking meter by the entrance to the car park, or easily with their app "smart park". Tenants can hire a parking space by emailing voll@frost.no

Price for long term parking contract is 500,- month - FULL



Voll Studentby has dedicated study hall for tenants. We hope you’ll appreciate our well laid out study space. You’ll find the study hall by Block O (the large glass windows).

The study hall consist of two large rooms and three smaller offices. There are electricity and internet sockets as well as a wireless network. 

We also have a small chill-out zone with a coffee machine for when you need a break from studying.


Voll Studentby offers TV and broadband from Telia. 

Problems with connecting to the internet in a dormitory / apartment Vegamot 1 A-T? Read this info. 



All tenants Telia broadband with a download speed of 100 Mbps included in the rent. A range of useful additional services are also included such as Telia Sky – a storage solution with unlimited storage for an unlimited number of devices – a dedicated email account and an antivirus package. There is an Inteno box (router) in each flat. The Inteno box delivers both wired and wireless internet. For other, chargeable services, please see below. 



Everyone can order TV from Telia at highly discounted prices. When you order a TV package you will also benefit from Telia Web TV and the Telia TV app, which provides access to TV content anywhere in Norway, at no extra cost. If you’d like to order TV, please contact the Telia customer service centre on telephone (+47) 92 40 50 50. Give them your name and address (including your H number).



With TV MINI you have instant access to the most popular TV channels, Norwegian quality films, digital radio and the Stingray music service. TV MINI is available for just NOK 110.


Discounted internet deals from 01.01.2020:

Package Mbps Price per month

  • Voll 100/100 is included in the rent at Voll Studentby
  • L 300/300 – 149 NOK
  • XL 500/500 – 249 NOK
  • XXL 1000/1000 – 399 NOK

Prices and speeds are subject to change. 


Broadband tips

1. Your door number is printed on the modem installed in your flat. You will also find the username and password for your wireless network at the back of the modem.

2. You’re never guaranteed the full speed when connecting via the wireless network. We therefore recommend using a wired connection for applications that require speed and stability.

3. All our broadband packages include unlimited sky storage in Telia Sky, an email account and an anti-virus package. To access these services you must first register the subscription package in your name. You can do so by contacting our customer service centre on telephone (+47) 92 40 50 50. State your name and address (including your H number).


If you are experiencing problems with your TV or internet or wish to upgrade your package, contact Telia on telephone 92 40 50 50.



Frost Eiendom, Voll Studentby has a partnership agreement with the housing association TOBB and its metropolitan housing scheme.

The scheme has around 329,662 members from Vestbo and BOB in Bergen, USBL in Oslo and surrounds, BATE in Stavanger, BoNORD in Tromsø, Bodø BBL and TOBB in Trondheim.


TOBB and the metropolitan housing scheme offers membership benefits such as preferential rights to student housing. 

If you’re a member, you will be put on top of the waiting list for Voll Studentby. State that you’re a member in the comments section in your application to claim your member benefits from Frost Eiendom, Voll Studentby. 

Read more on the TOBB website.


 The tenancy agreement has two appendixes - House rules and Price list. 

Additional services and failure to meet contractual obligations will be billed to the tenant. The amount billed must cover the actual cost/expenditure. The appendix below provides price estimates.

The contract at Voll Studentby also have 

Click here to download the appendix to the tenancy agreement: “Additional services price list”.

Click  here   to download the appendix to the tenancy agreement: “House rules”.


Apply for housing by clicking here.

Stove guard

How to change a fluorescent lamp

How to clean a drain in Building A - T

How to clean a drain in Building W & X