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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Got questions about your tenancy in Voll Studentby? You might find the answers here!


Application / tenancy agreement

I’ve submitted an application but not yet received a reply.

We issue tenancy agreements on a rolling basis, so if you haven’t heard from us, the type of accommodation you’ve applied for might be in short supply. You can boost your chances of being offered accommodation by adding more properties to your application. You won’t lose your place on the waiting list by editing your application.


Follow-up questions

I’ve already applied for the maximum number of properties / I don’t want to live anywhere else.

Email us at voll@frost.no for an update on where you are on the waiting list and whether you can expect a reply in the immediate future. 


Where am I on the waiting list?

Email voll@frost.no and ask for an update. We issue tenancy agreements for rooms with a shared kitchen on a rolling basis. Tenancy agreements for accommodation where two people share a kitchen are specified with a room/flat number. It may therefore take a little longer to receive a reply if you’ve applied for this type of accommodation. 


I've applied for accommodation, but I’d like to amend my application. Will I lose my place on the waiting list?

No, you’ll keep your original application date and won’t lose your place in the queue.


I’ve applied, and I need an answer urgently.

Email voll@frost.no to let us know that it’s urgent. We will then be able to process your application more quickly.


I’ll be in Trondheim for an exchange in the autumn semester. Do you offer accommodation up until December?

We do have a few properties for exchange students, but we don’t know how many such students there will be until late July. Once we know the numbers we’ll allocate as many tenancies as we can. 


Moving out 

I’ve cleaned my room and need someone to come and inspect it.

Visit the admin office to book an inspection. They will send a caretaker to your accommodation. Please visit before 1400 hours on weekdays if possible.

If you're moving out between September and April, we recommend that you call us to book an inspection (+47 73949780).


I’m moving out on XXX and want to book a cleaning inspection.

We regret that we’re unable to take advance bookings, but the admin office is staffed Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1500 hours throughout the summer. 

Visit the admin office at Voll when you’re ready, and they’ll send a caretaker to look over your room with you. 


I won’t be able to be there for the check-out. Is that OK?

In principle not. If you’re not present at the check-out, it makes it more difficult to follow up on any discrepancies. You’re more than welcome to ask someone to attend on your behalf. NB! You must agree with this person that they will rectify any cleaning issues on your behalf. 


My cleaning inspection has been completed and approved. What happens next?

Please return your keys to the admin office, where you will be registered as having moved out.


I’ve completed and passed the checkout inspection, but I’d like to hang on to my keys until I’ve finished packing. 

That’s fine. If the admin office is closed when you leave, just drop the keys off in the grey letterbox by the office door. The letterbox is marked “nøkler / keys”.


Moving in

I can’t get there within office hours (9–15). What do I do?

The admin office is staffed until 1600 hours in the summer, but please send an email to voll@frost.no and they’ll make sure the keys are waiting for you if you haven’t arrived by the time they close.

Please attach your deposit receipt!

The keys will be left in the key safe outside the admin office, and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access it.


I’ll be arriving on a weekend. How do I get my keys?

Please email voll@frost.no no later than 3 working days before your arrival. Include the following in your email: : 

1. Date and approximate time of arrival

2. Your deposit receipt

3. Screenshot confirming that you’ve been accepted on your course (screenshot from Studweb, NUCAS, educational institution etc.)


I’ll be arriving at the weekend, and it’s less than 3 working days away.

We can’t guarantee it, but we usually manage to arrange for your keys to be left out for you even if it’s a Friday. It’s important that you send us an email with the necessary information immediately. Please mark your email “Moving in date xxx”. 

1. Date and approximate time of arrival

2. Your deposit receipt

3. Screenshot confirming that you’ve been accepted on your course (screenshot from Studweb, NUCAS, educational institution etc.)


I haven’t been told where I’ll be living / my address. Could you send it to me?

We’ll give you your address when you move in. 

If you need to register your new address in order to receive your student grant/loan, you can use the following address: Vegamot 1, 7049 Trondheim. You can update this address once your block and room numbers have been confirmed.

If you’re ordering furniture and need an address for delivery:

Email voll@frost.no and ask them to specify the correct delivery address. 


I want to live with a friend, but we haven’t been given room numbers. Do we get to live together?

We assign room numbers when you move in and fill up shared accommodation blocks one at a time. This allows us to place friends in the same block when they move in.


The first of you to arrive should ask to reserve a room for the other(s) who will be living in the same block.  


Invoice – rent/deposit payment

I haven’t received a deposit invoice.

You can find the deposit invoice on page 6 of your tenancy agreement. The invoice states the account number and KID number for online payment.


I can’t find my tenancy agreement with the deposit invoice in it.

When you upload the signed version of your tenancy agreement it overwrites the original agreement. We then have to send you a PDF copy so you can view your invoice. 

Please email voll@frost.no to request a copy of your tenancy agreement. 


I haven’t received a rent invoice. How do I pay?

The invoice for your first rent payment will be issued once we’ve assigned you a room number. This is normally after you’ve moved in. You’ll receive an email notification 14 days before your rent falls due. From September onwards your rent will fall due on the first day of every month. 


I've received two invoices with due dates straight after each other. 

We first invoice you in August after you've moved in. This rent payment falls due 14 days after it’s been issued. From September onwards the due date is the first day of every month. The August and September invoices will therefore be issued less than one month apart.


I’ve received two invoices for August.

Go to My Page – Finance, find the invoice in question and download it to view the details. We will of course correct it if you’ve received two invoices for the same period. 

Email voll@frost.no and we’ll look into it. This sometimes happens if you’ve changed your tenancy agreement or room.. 


My rent invoice is too high

If your tenancy agreement starts near the end of the month, the rent for those few days may be added on to next month’s rent. The invoice will then be slightly higher since it covers more than one month. 

Go to My Page – Finance, find the invoice in question and download it to view the details. 

If you still think there is an error, please email voll@frost.no and we’ll look into it and get back to you.