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Ola Frosts veg is located around two km south of the city centre, near Lerkendal. The four buildings contain a total of 450 flats. There are flats to suit everyone. Singles, couples, with and without children, young and old make this a diverse and rich neighbourhood. The buildings have a large and pleasant outdoor communal space with benches and attractive landscaping. For your everyday needs, there is a grocery store, pharmacy, hair salon and good bus connections. St Olavs Hospital, the NTNU and Lerkendal Stadium are also within walking distance.


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Practical info


This page contains practical information about our rental properties in Tempe (Ola Frosts Veg 1–4). Use the menu to find what you're looking for.

You can also log into My Page to review your invoices, change your personal details, amend applications etc. Email us on eiendom@frost.no to request a username and password for My Page.


We have an arrangement with SSG Norge AS whereby you can call SSG 24-hour hotline on 03360 to report emergencies that cannot wait until the next working day.

SSG Norge is a professional third-party operator specialising in property management, maintenance and urgent repairs. For more information about SSG, visit ssgnorge.no.

Here’s when to call Frost Eiendom and when to call SSG for help:


When to call Frost Eiendom:

Emergencies Monday–Friday between 08.00 and 16.00.

Contractual matters such as rent payments etc.

If you observe anything that needs repairing in the communal areas.

Other matters that the landlord is responsible for according to the tenancy agreement.

You can contact our caretakers via the switchboard or property manager.

Our property managers would appreciate it if you could get in touch during office hours, Monday–Friday between 08.00 and 16.00.


When to call SSG:

Emergencies (broken windows, water leaks, blocked drains etc.) outside Frost Eiendom’s office hours. Call 03360.

Lost keys. You will be charged NOK 938 to have your flat unlocked on weekdays between 07.00 and 20.00 and NOK 1,250 outside these hours. 


When to call the emergency services:

Antisocial behaviour – call the police on 112.

Fire – call the fire service on 110.

Please note that we will bill you retrospectively if the incident was caused by you or your household.


SSG can help if you have lost or mislaid your keys and need access to your flat.

Call SSG directly on 03360.

You will be charged NOK 938 to have your flat unlocked on weekdays between 07.00 and 20.00 and NOK 1,250 outside these hours. We will bill you as soon as we receive an invoice from SSG.



Fire safety is a key priority for Frost Eiendom AS. Some of the buildings were built in the period 1997–2000 and some in 2015. The method of construction differs from building to building.


Blocks A–T

In these blocks there are fire hoses in the corridors on every floor. The hoses are new (replaced in the last two years) and are ideal for fighting a fire as they never run out of water. 

The blocks are divided into fire compartments which prevent fire from spreading. 

A new fire alarm system was installed throughout Blocks A-T in 2017-18. The system connects directly to Securitas. There are reset panels on every floor and in the 2-person units. Instructions on how to use the panels can be found next to the reset switch, or here. 

The mains-operated fire alarm call points connect to the fire alarm panel. They do not require batteries. 

Read the fire instructions for Blocks A–T 


Blocks W-X

These buildings have sprinkled fire extinguishing systems. 

The blocks are divided into fire compartments which prevent fire from spreading. 

If an alarm goes off and no tenant turns it off within a short time, the alarm will go directly to the fire department. If ther is a fals alarm, the cost of the fee from the fire department will be sent to the tenant causing the alarm. 

There are reset panels in every apartment. Instructions on how to use the panels can be found next to the reset switch, or here.

The mains-operated fire alarm call points connect to the fire alarm panel. They do not require batteries. 

 Read the fire instructions for Blocks W-X.


Information about terminating and ending your tenancy. 

All tenancies in Tempe can be terminated by giving 3 months’ notice with effect from the first day of the month. Your tenancy will then terminate on the last day of the month at 12 noon. (Not applicable to tenancies in Voll Studentby).

You must give written notice by letter or email if you wish to terminate your tenancy.

Once we have received your notice, we will send you written confirmation to that effect. Our confirmation letter will include further information about your obligations when vacating the property. Please also refer to Section 12 of your tenancy agreement, which provides details of what you need to do.

You should contact the property manager so that an inspection of the property can be carried out to establish whether it requires refurbishment. This enables us to determine what needs doing and who is responsible for what at an early stage of the process.

Closer to your moving-out date you should contact your property manager to arrange the final check-out. The final check-out is mandatory, and your deposit will not be returned until it has been completed. Check-outs can be scheduled for weekdays between 08.00 and 16.00. 

Your deposit will be returned once the handover of the property has been approved, we have received your new address (and the account number you want us to pay it into), and we have received the bills for any works to be deducted from your deposit. 

All original keys issued when you moved in or ordered at a later date must be returned when you vacate. If any of the original keys are missing, we have to replace the lock cylinders. You will be billed for the cost of doing so.


Contact info:

You can give notice of your intention to terminate your tenancy by emailing eiendom@frost.no

Property manager Frostgården, Ola Frosts Veg 1 and 2: Gunn Utnes, gunn@frost.no

Property manager Ola Frosts Veg 3 and 4: Øystein Kvam, oystein@frost.no

Checklist for cleaning and tidying when vacating Ola Frosts Veg 1.

Checklist for cleaning and tidying when vacating Ola Frosts Veg 2, 3 and 4.




Information about parking in Tempe (Ola Frosts Veg 1–4):

All parking at our residential development in Tempe is chargeable.

For short-term and visitor parking, use the ticket machines to the rear of Ola Frosts Veg 4 and outside Ola Frosts Veg 2. The machines only accept coins (no bank notes or cards). The machines give change. Place your ticket on the left-hand side of the windscreen so that it is clearly visible. You may be issued with a penalty charge if you have not paid the parking charge or your car is parked outside the designated area. For information about parking and civil law, please see the sign by the entrance. We have appointed Europark to enforce our parking rules. You should contact Europark if you wish to appeal against a penalty charge.


There are two options if you require long-term parking:

Outdoor parking

Contact us to obtain a parking permit. With a parking permit you can park in any designated outdoor parking space. The parking charge is payable monthly together with your rent.

As at 01.01.2020 the monthly parking charge is NOK 480. There is no VAT on outdoor parking.


Indoor parking

You can also rent a parking space in our indoor car park. The car park holds 94 vehicles. You will be allocated your own parking space with direct access from the basement. Get in touch if you have any questions or wish to rent a ondoor parking space. The parking charge is payable monthly and will be billed separately.

As at 01.01.2020 the monthly parking charge is NOK 765 incl. VAT 


Contact person for parking in Tempe:

Hege Sundet, tel. (+47) 73 96 97 00 or email: eiendom@frost.no


Cancelling your parking

If you wish to cancel your parking space, please do so in writing by emailing eiendom@frost.no. Please note that there is a 3-month notice period effective from the first day of the month for both indoor and outdoor parking.

We have appointed Europark to enforce our parking rules. For questions or to appeal against a penalty charge, contact Europark directly on (+47) 22 05 33 00 or visit their website kontrollavgift.no.


We will calculate your energy consumption twice a year (in June and December). The differential between the amount you’ve paid on account and your actual consumption will either be billed or credited after the biannual evaluation.


Your consumption can vary from year to year depending on usage patterns, weather, temperatures and changing electricity prices.

Each flat is charged a percentage share of the electricity cost for the entire building.

There are many ways in which tenants can reduce their energy consumption (and costs), and we encourage everyone to read up on how to make energy savings.

Read the energy contract for Ola Frosts Veg 1–4.



TV and internet at Ola Frosts Veg 1–4 are provided by Telia.

The following is included in your rent: “Start” entertainment TV package, Telia Box Mikro and 50/20 Mbps internet with wireless modem. You can also order superfast broadband at highly discounted rates as well as other additional services.


Discounted internet deals from 01.01.2020:

Package Mbps Price per month RRP

Kollektiv 50: 50/20 Included in your rent

M 150: 150/15 NOK 159,-

L 300: 300/15 NOK 249,-

XL 500: 500/25 NOK 319,-

XXL 1000: 1000/50 NOK 599,-

HBO Nordic is included in XL 500 and XXL 1000.


How do I access the services included in my rent?

Contact Telia to access the services included in your rent. They will issue you with the equipment you need. The equipment is yours to use as long as you're a customer. You must return it to Telia when you move out.


How do I pick up the equipment?

You can pick up the equipment in Telia stores (Trondheim Torg, Solsiden and City Syd). Remember to bring valid ID and proof of your tenancy.


Is the equipment difficult to set up?

Your equipment will come with a detailed user manual and a basic installation guide in Norwegian. If you need help setting up your equipment, you can pay Telia to help you. If you collect your equipment in person, you can also ask for tips and advice about how to use and install the equipment.


What if I want to order additional services?

Additional services can be ordered at any time by contacting Telia. Your new services will be activated immediately once you've completed your order.


How do I return the equipment to Telia when I move out?

The easiest way is to take the equipment to Telia stores (Trondheim Torg, Solsiden and City Syd) Both your Telia Box Mikro and wireless modem must be returned when you move out. Alternatively, you can return the equipment by post. Please contact Telia for more information.


If you are experiencing problems with your TV or internet or wish to order additional services, contact Telia on telephone 92 40 50 50.





When you rent from us you are responsible for the upkeep of your flat for the duration of the tenancy. See section 10, third paragraph, of the tenancy agreement for details of your obligations. 


Here are some additional details about what we expect from you in terms of cleaning the drains/traps and extractor fan filters:



Clean the drains when needed, at least twice a year.

The trap for the wash basin and the washing machine valve should be cleaned when needed, at least once a year.

The showerhead should be cleaned at least once a year.

Bathroom extractor fan: Unscrew the extractor cover located on the wall or ceiling. Manually clear any dust and dirt from the duct. Use clean water and dry with a paper towel afterwards. If the bathroom fan becomes clogged, it will reduce the effect of both the kitchen and bathroom extractor fans. Clean when needed, at least once a year. 



The trap for the kitchen sink should be cleaned when needed, at least once a year.

Kitchen extractor fan: Remove the filter and place it in warm water. You can add a dash of salmiakk (household ammonia) or similar. Rinse with cold water and repeat the process until the filter is completely clean. Also clean around the fan before replacing the filter. Clean when needed, at least twice a year.

NB! Ensure that all fittings are properly retightened after cleaning (seals, nuts, hose clamps, waste pipes etc.) Look out for leaks in the kitchen/bathroom cabinets in the first few days after cleaning.


Rent guarantor schemes – the smart alternative to deposits


Rent guarantor schemes are a smart way of obtaining collateral if you do not want to lock away thousands of kroner in a deposit account for years. You pay the guarantor a small sum, and they will provide security to the landlord on your behalf. 


Frost Eiendom has teamed up with Söderberg & Partners and its rent guarantor scheme.


The cost of using a guarantor is 12% of 6 months’ rent. 


We regret that we are unable to offer the guarantor scheme to tenants in the student flats in Voll Studentby. 


Benefits of using a guarantor:

  • You do not have to lock in a large sum for several years – you can always access your money
  • You do not have to borrow money for a deposit
  • Easy to do – just let us know, and Frost Eiendom will do the rest


What you need to know about the guarantor scheme

It is not an insurance policy but a payment for a third party to act as a guarantor for you. You will not get the money back at the end of your tenancy, and the guarantee is valid for three years at a time. You must still reimburse the guarantor for any deductions that would normally come out of your deposit. We will carry out a credit check on you.


Read more about rental guarantee here:  Information about rental guarantee from Söderberg & Partners.