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  2. Newsletter November 2020

Thank you for your feedback!


The results from the 2020 tenant survey are in, and we are grateful to each and every one of you who took the time to reply. The survey is conducted every year, and this year no fewer than 514 people responded to our questions. The survey responses have proved to be a great inspiration for us, and your comments have given us a clear idea of what we need to focus on going forward. 

We are very happy to see that overall satisfaction amongst our tenants continues to rise in all our properties. We are also humbled and proud to hear that most of you are happy to recommend Frost Eiendom to friends and family. More people than last year feel it is easy to get hold of us, while there has been a slight dip in satisfaction with response times in the event of problems/repairs. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a backing in this area due to the precautions we have had to take to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infections, but we are committed to catching up.

The most useful part of the survey is the open questions where you can put suggestions, critisisms and praise to us in your own words:


Voll Studentby
Our tenants at Voll Studentby have shown great responsibility for keeping each other safe during the pandemic. There have been a few instances of antisocial behaviour, but we have always been able to resolve any issues in dialogue with our tenants. Thank you for working with us on this. 

Feedback from residents shows that we have got many things right in the past few years, but there are other areas where we can still improve. We have recruited a wonderful team of students who have been tasked with putting on events for our tenants. This year´s survey generated many good suggestions as to what else they can do for our tenants. Regrettably, Coronavirus precautions do place some limitations on what we can and cannot do, but we will do our best to implement many of your suggestions. 

Our goals for increasing satisfaction amongst our tenants even further are:

  • Not carry out maintenance during exam periods.
  • Make the fire instructions more accessible
  • Ensure good communication with our tenants

We should also like to take this opportunity to present our new face at Voll.

On 4 January you will meed Tom Kristian Eide, who is taking over from Gry Brenne as head of department. He is 31, born and bred in Trondheim and with a background in healthcare and property. Tom Kristian is looking forward to getting stuck and to getting to know both you and the student village better.



Ola Frosts Veg
Tenants in Ola Frosts Veg will see several upgrades to the outdoor areas in the months ahead. 

  • We have decided to hire a waste container twice a year (spring and autumn).
  • A swing for the kids has been ordered for the playground.
  • Smoking shelters are on their way. This means that smoking will not be permitted near the entrances, thus creating a more pleasant environment for both residents and visitors. 

We also want you to know that Frost Eiendom is planning to build a new residential block on the site of the existing car park next to Ola Frosts Veg 4. The new block will be known as Ola Frosts Veg 5 and contain more than 100 flats over 17 floors. There will be an admin office at ground level along with a function room for the benefit of all residents of Ola Frosts Veg 1-5. We are also planning to set up a village café. An underground car park will also be built to replace the existing parking spaces. This will reduce traffic volumes in the area and enable us to expand the existing green spaces.

The idea is to make the entire area more attractive and pleasant. The survey gave us several, specific examples of how tenants feel about the green spaces and how they can be improved. All suggestions will be considered, and we want to be able to fulfil many of our wishes, including upgrading playgrounds, landscaping, seating, outdoor lighting and bike parking. 

The construction of Ola Frosts Veg 5 can only begin in autumn 2021 at the earliest. You will receive more information about the start of the building works in due course. We have not yet decided whether these flats will be rent or for sale, nor what they will look like. We will keep you updated.



Thanks for your patience!
Finally, we should like to thank you for your patience, goodwill and contribution to the collective effort during the Coronavirus pandemic. We will be maintaining the existing procedure of disinfecting all buildings and other measures to reduce the risk of infection. A few gentle reminders from us to create an even safer living environment:

  • We have heard that our guidance not to share lifts is not being respected by everyone and that this has led to some unpleasant encounters. Remember that those who wish to take the lift alone probably have very good reasons to do so, be it for their own health or to protect their loved ones who might be in the risk category. Thank you for waiting for the next lift without any further comment. 
  • Please remember to also use hand sanitiser when you take the stairs instead of the lift, as there are still shared contact points such as door handles in the stairwells.
  • Wash your hands, stay at home when you feel unwell and take care of each other.



Best wishes from everyone at Frost Eiendom