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The results from the 2017 tenant survey are ready. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your feedback will help us decide where to concentrate our efforts next year. 


Tenant survey 2017

Every year we carry out an extensive tenant survey. This year 550 tenants replied, giving them a big say on some of the issues we will be focusing on in 2018. Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer our questions.


Students are increasingly satisfied

Frost Eiendom has almost 700 student tenants in Voll Studentby. All in all, they were more satisfied this year than last year. One big piece of news in 2017 was the introduction of flexible tenancies. The students asked for it, and they got it. We have also carried out extensive refurbishment, which is likely to increase satisfaction ratings. 


That said, there is still much room for improvement, and we’re not stopping here. We will continue to refurbish our Voll properties in 2018 and make various other improvements that we hope you will appreciate.


A growing number of tenants are seeing our customer promises honoured

Frost Eiendom has given three customer promises that we hope our tenants will see fulfilled:

  • Organised and professional
  • We pay attention to your needs
  • Trouble-free renting


Ever since we introduced these pledges we have continued to monitor how our tenants perceive us. We are therefore pleased to see that more tenants now think we are fulfilling our promises. 


The biggest challenge for us is the pledge “We pay attention to your needs”. We are sure you understand that we cannot satisfy every wish, but we continue to work to give our tenants a wide range of options.


The introduction of the reward programme Frost Pluss has also been very well received.


Response times could be improved

One major area of improvement for 2018 is response times. We have received feedback from several tenants saying it takes too long to fix problems/faults once they have been reported. Our caretakers do an outstanding job, balancing larger, long-term refurbishment projects with smaller jobs in between. In 2018 we will be looking at how we can give tenants a clearer idea of when things will be fixed and whether we can become more efficient without compromising on quality.


Commercial tenants

Our commercial tenants in Teglgården in Fossegrenda have once again returned satisfaction ratings that are higher than the top-rated businesses in the annual Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Barometer. This makes us feel humble. It is the result of meeting a toughening market with greater flexibility and a strong desire to find solutions for our customers.