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Both get rewarded for being tenants of Frost Eiendom. 

We appreciate your custom and want you to enjoy a long and comfortable stay in your property. We’re always working hard to provide even better services and experiences to our tenants. 

That’s why we are pleased to announce Frost Pluss, a reward programme for all our tenants. 

We’re continuing to sign new deals with exciting suppliers, so don’t miss out.

This is Frost Pluss

Frost Pluss is a reward programme for Frost Eiendom tenants. Membership is free. As a Frost tenant, you already have full access to Frost Pluss.

The programme includes: 

  • A number of offers and discounts from ENERGIBONUS+, TrønderEnergi Marked’s own loyalty programme
  • Rolling contracts for various services from SMB Tjenester
  • Cleaning at competitive prices from Mint Renhold 
  • Frost Komfort Meny: Ditch the chores – let us do the job


Frost Pluss includes a number of rewards and offers from TrønderEnergi Marked and SMB Tjenester. 

Deals from TrønderEnergi Marked's ENERGIBONUS+

For further details and an up-to-date list of offers and discounts, visit: www.tronderenergi.no/energibonus

There you will find a link to a coupon book which gives you access to the various offers. 

The first time you use the coupon book you will be asked to log in with a password sent to you by text message. You only need to do this once. It’s simple – just follow the instructions.

We are regularly updating ENERGIBONUS+ with new deals. New deals will be available in the coupon book as soon as they are released. 

Din Naprapat- og Helseklinikk is now included in Frost Pluss

All tenants can now take advantage of a 50% discount on their first naprapathy treatment with Din Naprapat - og Helseklinikk. The clinic treats conditions such as back pain, migraine, tension headache, tennis elbow and more. Din Naprapat- og Helseklinikk is based at Toppen Helsesenter in Sirkus Shopping. Read more about naprapathy and treatments at Din Naprapat- og Helseklinikk

Summer and moving time?

New to Frost Pluss is a 10% discount on removal services from StudBud. StudBud offers removal services at low prices in Trondheim and is happy to help you move within Trondheim, between different cities, to or from a flat, hall of residence or house. Instead of charging by the hour, StudBud will give you a fixed price, so you know exactly what the final bill will be. Visit frostpluss.no for more info.


Deals from SMB Tjenester

Hire car from Europcar

Hire a car from NOK 430 a day. Includes unlimited mileage, accident and theft insurance. 

10% discount abroad except USA and Canada.

Book your car here: http://extranet.europcar.com/cgi-bin/password.cgi

Username and password = SMB.

Alternatively, you can call Europcar direct on 815 51 800 – please quote account number 51208103.

Personal insurance from Troll Forsikring

View personal insurance deals here: https://matrixsmb.trollforsikring.no/

Discounts on Nordic Choice Hotels

10% discount at all 180 Nordic Choice Hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. Additional discounts are available at selected hotels. 

Use this link: https://www.nordicchoicehotels.no/

SILVER membership in the first year if you register our account code to your Nordic Choice Hotels profile.

Alternatively use the account code 37929 when booking through the Nordic Choice customer service & booking centre: 22 33 42 00

Got questions about this offer? Contact SMB Tjenester on 48 500 600 or email post@smb.no

Discounts on legal advice from Bjerkan Stav solicitors

20% discount on legal advice for our tenants. Email post@smb.no to take up the offer. Remember to quote the Frost Pluss discount when making contact.

Inexpensive Microsoft Office courses from KnowledgeGroup

Microsoft Office training for anyone from novices to experts with exclusive discounts for Frost Eiendom tenants.

Please email post@smb.no for a quote

Health Insurance from Vertikal Helse

Health insurance cover allows you to get medical assistance quickly. Flat rate regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. No medical history form to fill in when you join. Guaranteed consultation with a specialist within 10 days. Guaranteed treatment within 10/20 days. 

Prices: NOK 5,834/4,013 per person per annum. Child 20 days: NOK 1,690 (2017 prices)

Dental insurance:

Look after your dental health. Available to anyone aged 18–70.

Prices: (Perle/Gull/Platina) NOK 780/1,860/2,400 per person per annum (2017 prices)

Got questions about this offer? Contact SMB Tjenester on 48 500 600 or email post@smb.no

Discounts on fuel

Get NOK 0.36 off every litre of diesel and petrol with a Circle K MasterCard / CircleK loyalty card. The discount is applied to the forecourt price. No annual fees/charges.

Mark your application with “SMB ANS”.

The cards can be used to get a discount at all Circle K petrol stations in Norway (1-2-3 and Best) and at all Circle K stations abroad without a discount.

Got questions about this offer? Contact SMB Tjenester on 48 500 600 or email post@smb.no



Inexpensive cleaning services

Fed up with window cleaning? Want to treat your home to a deep clean? 

Perhaps you’re moving home or need your furniture cleaned? 

As a Frost tenant, you can take advantage of reduced prices on cleaning services from our partner Mint Renhold.


More leisure time and less stress with Frost Komfort Meny

All Frost tenants are responsible for keeping their property clean and tidy. Examples include clearing the drains, replacing light bulbs, cleaning/replacing the filter in the extractor fan and disposing of waste. 

We know that many of our tenants would like some help with these chores. Some may be at a stage in their lives where a little bit of extra service and care can provide reassurance and pleasure. Others lead busy lives and feel that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Our caretakers are happy to help. We carry out any maintenance job quickly and effectively, and we can also assist with carrying, moving, assembling and rearranging your furniture, running errands etc. 

This service costs NOK 450 an hour. Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. 

Please email eiendom@frost.no or call 73 96 97 00.


Got questions? Get in touch!

Frost Eiendom: 73 96 97 00


Voll Studentby: Tel: 73 94 97 80



For questions about offers from SMB Tjenester, please call them on 48 500 600 or email post@smb.no

For questions about offers from TrønderEnergi Marked, visit https://tronderenergi.no/energibonus/





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Here are a few examples of our current deals:

  • Trondheim Kino
  • Rush Trampolinepark 
  • Activestore.no
  • Vitensenteret
  • Sushibar
  • Rosenborg Ballklub
  • Fotball etter skoletid
  • Smaken av Spania 
  • Berg Hansen Reisebureau
  • Franzefoss
  • Edge Barbershop
  • Work Work
  • Ren bil
  • Riis Bilglass
  • Helgeposen
  • Stokkøya Sjøseter