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A vision for Fossegrenda

We take the view that visions about developing and regenerating a neighbourhood must be accompanied by concrete plans from major players such as us. We have therefore taken the lead in Fossegrenda, firstly by developing Teglgården Næringspark.


Big ambitions

Teglgården Næringspark will house a combination of offices, warehouses and workshop space. We will also be offering single-use buildings with good infrastructure for goods delivery and ample parking for service vehicles etc. Location and logistics make it an ideal spot for small and medium-sized businesses. We know how important good and efficient access is to our tenants, so we put it on top of the agenda when planning our newbuilds. We will continue to offer our tenants plenty of parking spaces, both in the underground car park and at street level. Once Teglgården Næringspark has been fully developed, you will be able to lease office space in modern and practical buildings with pleasant parks and green lungs on the doorstep. 


Perfect location

Fossegrenda still has large expanses that can be developed into homes and commercial premises. A number of existing properties are also due to be upgraded, beautified or extended. The neighbourhood is perfectly located for commercial activity with plenty of available space, closeness to the city and easy access.